Inkjet and bubble jet cartridge refilling is not difficult; however a few precautions need to be taken.

Following are some handy hints, remember these and you will save heaps of $$$$ on your printing costs.

  • Never run your cartridge empty. If your printer has an indicator, refill when an "empty" or "near empty" warning is displayed. This is very important with colour cartridges (when one colour compartment is empty).

  • Always remove your cartridge from the printer before refilling (unless otherwise instructed).

  • For best results refill a cartridge before it is empty. You will develop a feel when it is running low. Topping up your cartridge will give the best results and it will last far longer. The chance of dried ink in printing heads or burnt out printing heads will be totally avoided.

  • Never overfill a cartridge. If overfilled, take some ink out with the syringe (when doing this be sure the end of the needle is nearer to the top of the cartridge), or wick some ink out by sitting the cartridge print head on some paper towels or newspaper.

  • Do not let a cartridge dry out. If for some reason it has to be taken out of the printer, return it to the printer as soon as possible. For longer periods, store cartridge in an air tight plastic bag.

  • Avoid touching any metallic parts such as contacts and print heads.

  • Never install a leaking cartridge into printer.  Leaks are usually apparent within a few minutes after refilling.

  • At all times refill S L O W L Y (Unless otherwise instructed). That way one has proper control, no mess, and avoid the possibility of over filling and possible colour contamination in colour cartridges.


  • One more point:
    Do not be sentimental about your old printer.
  • If a printer is more than 3 years old, replacement cartridges are often expensive; in fact a new and far superior printer including cartridges can be obtained for less cost than the black and colour cartridges for the old printer.
    When a printer is out of warranty and develops problems, our advice:
    Dump the printer and get a new one (repair costs are prohibitive and a total waste of money).