There are 3 types of cartridges; foam (sponge) filled, reservoir type or a combination of the two. Most inkjet cartridges are the foam filled type. Injecting the ink slowly, when refilling, is very important (this may not apply to the Canon BCI-3 / 6 type cartridges, some of these cartridges have a different type foam, it is recommended to inject the ink faster in these cartridges). If ink is injected too fast, air pockets may form and will stop the ink from flowing continuously to the print head. Overfilling will cause leakage from the print head.  Reservoir type cartridges need to be sealed airtight, the ink is retained in the cartridge by negative pressure. If the seal is not air tight the cartridge will keep leaking till empty.  NEVER RE-INSERT A LEAKING CARTRIDGE INTO YOUR PRINTER.  

THE MAIN REFILLING PROBLEM is; waiting too long to refill a cartridge. If a cartridge is not refilled immediately, the ink will dry and clog the micro holes in the print head, which will stop the ink from flowing properly.  So, importantly, fill an empty cartridge as soon as possible.  If you are unable to refill immediately, put the cartridge in an air-tight plastic bag or cling wrap, this should prevent it from drying out.

HOW TO EXTEND THE LIFE OF A CARTRIDGE?   When a cartridge runs out of ink, the resistors can overheat and burn out (The ink acts as a coolant). Most printers will warn you of a low ink level in a cartridge before it completely runs out. At the first sign of low ink refill a cartridge.

If, after following all your refill instructions properly, you encounter any printing problems, check the following:

I refilled my cartridge but it does not print.  Ensure the vent hole(s) is(are) not blocked.

Colours are dirty or strange colours are printing.  The wrong colour may have been injected in a particular chamber or the inks may have overflowed and mixed. It is recommended to replace the cartridge with a new one.

Cartridge is leaking ink.  The cartridge is overfilled or is not sealed properly. Let stand for 10 to 20 minutes. If the cartridge does not stop leaking it is not properly sealed. Airtight seals only apply to reservoir type cartridges such as; HP 26A / 29A / 41A, CANON BC-03 / BCI-3

Remember!  Do not attempt to refill cartridges that are dried out and have been out of the printer for a long time.



Inkwell conducts all its refill tests with OEM (Original Equipment Manufacturer) cartridges. ......... The exception being ARC and CFC cartridges supplied by Inkwell and that have been supplied with the Inkwell specific instructions.

Inkwell under no circumstances will be responsible for refill problems experienced with non OEM cartridges.